[Scons-users] setting tool collection and compiler version from OS to OS

Roger Martin roger at quantumbioinc.com
Fri Jan 2 14:09:08 EST 2015



Building someone else's project that is based on SCONS
via jenkins (http://jenkins-ci.org/)
Building on a CentOS using gcc 4.9.2
Building on a Mac OSX(11.4.2 Darwin Kernel Version 11.4.2)

The CentOS build builds successfully but I didn't check yet; probably 
not the compiler version I intended but it didn't say to screen
On the Mac OSX scons goes with /usr/bin/c++ and build fails; this is an 
older c++ version and can't be upgraded on that system by me.

1) From Jenkins I don't want to be sed'ing someone else's scons scripts 
to bork them into working.  Want clean builds.
2) I tried adding a site_init.py 
in the build directory but this didn't seem to get picked up or 
influence anything
mkdir -p site_scon
cat <<EOF >./site_scon/site_init.py
env = DefaultEnvironment(tools = ['gcc', 'gnulink'],
                          CC = '/opt/gcc/current/bin/gcc',
                          CXX = '/opt/gcc/currentbin/g++')

What is a way to achieve builds at the version of compiler known to be 
compatible with the source code?  [other than system upgrades and when 
versions are available at custom installs to directories such as 

There are two cases for this as well; someone else's project where they 
are 1) responsive and willing to add/adapt their build scripts 
2)unresponsive or unwilling to add/adapt

For 2 I need a way to do it that overrides their scripts decision to use 

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