[Scons-users] Building serf

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Sat Feb 28 04:35:32 EST 2015


On 28.02.2015 10:18, Chen, Peter wrote:
> Hi Dirk,
> Thanks for responding!

you're welcome.

> This is my output...
> [...]
> I can't tell if the check generated this error or if the error was a result of bad code.

Well, we see some output at all. This tells me that the actual test program doesn't have a problem to find the "libgcc_s.so" 
lib...as it did before. So the error seems to be that the Serf setup doesn't propagate a required environment variable to the 
"environment" where the tests are executed.
Please, contact the Serf developers...this doesn't look like an SCons problem to me. Before doing that, you also might want to 
double-check that Solaris is officially supported for Serf builds.

Best regards,


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