[Scons-users] How to deal with a list of targets in a Command builder?

Carsten Fuchs carsten.fuchs at cafu.de
Wed Feb 11 18:19:31 EST 2015

Hi Dirk,

as a quick feed-back, while I'm still not entirely done, I've been able 
to implement the essential steps on my agenda as outlined in my original 
post. Once I reverted to advance-known target files, everything worked 
out beautifully, exactly as explained in the SCons docs and wiki!  :-)

Am 09.02.2015 um 23:06 schrieb Dirk Bächle:
> Yes, this is a kind of prerequisite...otherwise you won't be able to do
> a full correct build in a single run. At least not with SCons. ;) For a
> little more info on this topic you might want to study the recent thread
> https://pairlist4.pair.net/pipermail/scons-users/2015-January/003349.html

Thanks, this has indeed very good information!
As a side note, I too was somehow of the impression that the Scanning is 
done in SCons' first phase, when the dependency tree is constructed, 
rather than deferred to build phase.

> There are some approaches like the
> http://www.scons.org/wiki/DynamicSourceGenerator , but I'm not sure how
> well they work with the Glob() command. Again it's the two different
> phases that are causing trouble...while the Glob() within your
> SConscripts is run in the parsing phase, the sources from your generator
> will get added later, during the actual build phase. This clearly opens
> the door to all kinds of messy and incorrect builds, from my personal
> view...so I don't really recommend to take this road (but maybe I'm wrong).

Yeah, I see the problem now, and agree, and given that my code with the 
static target list is now very short and very simple, I have no more 
desire to mess with these issues only to get the target list more 
dynamic.  ;-)

Many thanks for your very detailed and informative help!

Best regards,

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