[Scons-users] Fwd:Re: timing issues and protecting from them

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Thu Dec 10 05:54:22 EST 2015

On 10.12.2015 11:37, Dirk Bächle wrote:
> Tom,
> On 10.12.2015 09:13, Tom Tanner (BLOOMBERG/ LONDON) wrote:
>> Well, I can check the timing for that. But I don't see a necessity for rechecking the indirect dependencies
> so an indirect dependency may change during a build, but a direct source not? This doesn't really make sense to me...but I
> understand where you're coming from. You have experienced this phenomenon of "hard to track down" build errors several times now,
> and want to do something about it. So please, as I mentioned in my earlier mail, start on an implementation for this feature if you
> find the time. The execute() and executed_with_callbacks() methods in the Taskmaster look like the best place to do that.
> To me, this seems more like a job for the Taskmaster than putting new code in the Node() methods build()/built().
> I'd derive a new ParanoidTaskmaster from the original class and then add my checks to that. This also includes generalizing the
> creation of the "Taskmaster" in the Main.py script, such that you can select between the "default" and your new version via a
> command-line switch.

Upps, sorry. I just realized that the implementations of execute/execute_with_callbacks are in Taskmaster.py, but in the "Task" 
class. So you want to derive a new ParanoidBuildTask from that instead...but you get the idea, I hope.


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