[Scons-users] Fwd:Re: timing issues and protecting from them

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Wed Dec 9 16:36:58 EST 2015


thank you very much for your clarifications. If I read and understood your additional comments correctly, you don't think that your 
patch proposal will allow "modification of source files outside of SCons during a complete build" in general, right?
Because, that's what I (and Bill and William too, probably) had assumed at first.

You want to extend the "source files may change" period up to the point in time where the build of a single target has finished. I 
can see that as an additional "--paranoid-built-checking" option, as Bill suggested. So if you want to prepare a pull request for 
this, go right ahead.
But allow me a more practical question: Let's assume that I have a C++ build with about 1000 files of the same size and roughly same 
build time each. Why should I switch on your "--paranoid" option, and how much more safety/stability does it give me for my whole 
build process?

Best regards,


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