[Scons-users] Using Python 2.5

Rob Boehne robb at datalogics.com
Wed Apr 15 13:07:23 EDT 2015

Scons users,

I've inherited an SCons build that is using python 2.5 and scons version 0.97.  I would like to bring the version of scons up as much as possible, without having to update python at the same time (there are bigger issues with that).  So I was looking at release notes to find the last version that worked with 2.5, which seems to suggest 2.3.2 because in the 2.3.3 release notes it states that support for python 2.4 was dropped (for 2.7 IIRC).  However, 2.3.2 has several constructs in it that don't work in python 2.5,  like python3 except statements, string format methods, etc.
Does anyone know what the highest version that is fully functional in python 2.5?


Rob Boehne

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