[Scons-users] Vote for SCons!

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Sun Oct 19 05:57:38 EDT 2014

Dear users,

our project has been selected for the ballot for December "Community 
Choice" Project of the Month. The vote is conducted on SourceForge and 
runs through Nov 15th. The blog post linking to this vote is

and the vote itself is
@ _https://sourceforge.net/p/potm/discussion/vote/thread/7144005c/___

Anyone with a SourceForge account is eligible to vote, so it would be 
awesome if you could visit the thread above *right now*, log in, and 
leave the simple comment

   "VOTE: scons"

(note, how the project name is in all-small letters...)

And if you think your single voice doesn't count, think again: the last 
two months had only 13 and 34 votes in total each. So we have a good 
chance to win this, which would increase the visibility of SCons on the 

Thanks a lot in advance for taking this into consideration.

Best regards,


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