[Scons-users] System libraries and $LIBSUFFIX on windows

Ariel Manzur puntob at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 14:33:30 EST 2014


Is there a way to differentiate between system libraries and libraries
produced by my build to apply the $LIBSUFFIX on windows (using VS

Our build uses the lib suffix (and obj suffix, etc) to maintain builds for
different platforms, or different configurations within platforms, like
debug or release (so "main.cpp" produces "main.osx.o", "main.ios.o", etc,
same with libraries). On windows we want to use LIBSUFFIX for libraries,
which works for the libraries our build produces, but when it comes time to
link, it adds the libsuffix to the system libraries as well, so the command
looks like:

link /nologo /OUT:bin\godot.exe [...] drivers/drivers.nt.lib kernel32.nt.lib

In that case, it can't find "kernel32.nt.lib". Is there a better way to do


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