[Scons-users] Two different environments were specified for target

Gary Oberbrunner garyo at oberbrunner.com
Fri Feb 14 08:14:40 EST 2014

Please send the full error message along with the target names. Usually
this comes from the same target (sometimes an intermediate one like an
object file) with two different commands to build it.

Gary Oberbrunner
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On Feb 14, 2014 7:33 AM, "Philipp Kraus" <philipp.kraus at tu-clausthal.de>

> Hello,


> I get the warning "scons: warning: Two different environments were

> specified for target", but I don't know any idea to solve it.


> My project has got different parts:


> /core

> /service

> /tests


> tests and service depends on core, so my build command shows

> env.Program("service", source=["service.cpp"]+Glob("../core/*.cpp"))

> (equal call for tests).

> service & tests have got own sub SConstructs.


> How can I solve the problem with the warning?


> Thanks


> Phil

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