[Scons-users] Help regarding IOError(stderr.decode("mbcs"))

Aseem Shakuntal kri80vt at outlook.com
Tue Feb 4 07:03:11 EST 2014

In order to get started with scons, I created a simple "hello.c" and a SConstruct file which does this:
env = Environment()hello = Program(["hello.c"])
When I run scons from my folder which contains these files, I get this error:
$ sconsscons: Reading SConscript files ...IOError: : File "E:\scons-test\SConstruct", line 1: env = Environment() File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Environment.py", line 991: apply_tools(self, tools, toolpath) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Environment.py", line 105: env.Tool(tool) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Environment.py", line 1692: tool(self) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Tool\__init__.py", line 180: self.generate(env, *args, **kw) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Tool\default.py", line 41: SCons.Tool.Tool(t)(env) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Tool\__init__.py", line 180: self.generate(env, *args, **kw) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Tool\mslink.py", line 242: msvc_setup_env_once(env) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\vc.py", line 343: msvc_setup_env(env) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\vc.py", line 436: d = msvc_find_valid_batch_script(env,version) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\vc.py", line 390: d = script_env(vc_script, args=arg) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\vc.py", line 292: stdout = common.get_output(script, args) File "c:\Python27\scons-2.0.1\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\common.py", line 173: raise IOError(stderr.decode("mbcs"))
I am using windows 7, 64 bit. I have python 2.7 installed (and also python 3.2).
Can anyone point me to fixing this? Any help / pointers are highly appreciated!
Br, Aseem--i must dream, to make my dreams come true!
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