[Scons-users] Code generation dependency problem

Roman Karlstetter Roman.Karlstetter at ifta.com
Mon Dec 22 08:56:07 EST 2014


sorry for the delay, but now I have a minimal example which illustrates my problem.

It somehow has to do with the way that I collect my source files, but I don't see an obvious way how I could solve this.

Find attached a sample project to reproduce the problem. Any ideas?


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> On 09.12.2014 11:07, Stijn De Ruyck wrote:
> > Hi Roman,
> >
> > Maybe a short, self-contained example of your SConstruct/SConscript might 
> > help us/me. Strip out all irrelavant bits and replace your Builder with 
> > some dummy stuff so you get the least amount of scons code that reproduces 
> > your problem.
> >   
> +1 from me. ;)
> Dirk
> > Regards,
> > Stijn
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