[Scons-users] SCons testing

Dirk Baechle tshortik at gmx.de
Mon Dec 30 11:45:01 EST 2013

Hi Leandro,

Am 30.12.2013 13:46, schrieb Leandro Moreno:

> Hello guys! How are you?


> I'm trying to use the TestScons module. And I have some questions

> about that.


> 1- Are there some documentation about how use correctly TestScons?

a few days ago I pasted the contents of the file
'QMTest/test-framework.rst' into the Wiki at


. That's as good as it gets at the moment, I think. The documentation in
the source file, and the existing tests in the default repository might
also be useful resources.

If you have more specific question beyond that, please continue asking
on the User mailing list.

> 2- When I try to import this, doesn't exist the module, I cannot

> import It. So, is there a way to do it? TestScons come with Scons

> default or should I download something else?


The "runtest.py" script should add the required paths automatically. If
you try to import TestSCons in your own Python scripts, you'll have to
ensure that the "QMTest" folder is in the Python path.
Please use the testing framework from the default SCons repository. This
is the latest and most-up-to-date version...

Best regards,


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