[Scons-users] Confused on VariantDir and build outputs on large project

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Tue Dec 3 17:54:51 EST 2013

Hi Carl,

On 03.12.2013 21:10, Carl Cerecke wrote:

> Thanks Francis for your detailed example. I think I will adapt your

> approach for our situation.


> One thing I am still struggling with is getting the VariantDir to have

> any effect:


> SConstruct 1 (doesn't work - doesn't use 'build' dir)


> env.VariantDir('build','.')

> env.Export(shared=env)

> env.SConscript(['SConscript'])


for this first version you have to call the SConscript in the
variant_dir, no matter whether you're using "duplicate=0" or "duplicate=1".
So, the call of SConscript above should look like this:


This is also described in some detail in the MAN page...and the rather
unusual notation in this case is the reason why most people prefer the
"variant_dir=" syntax... ;)

Best regards,


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