[Scons-users] Text file busy race condition bug on linux

Gary Oberbrunner garyo at oberbrunner.com
Thu Aug 22 20:23:41 EDT 2013

On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 7:01 PM, David Roundy <
roundyd at physics.oregonstate.edu> wrote:


> ...

> The circumstances are that I am building an executable, and then running

> that executable to generate another file. I am using a cache, and have

> never observed the bug while the cache was disabled. The cache is on an

> NFS filesystem (my home directory), and I have only observed the bug when

> building on /tmp, which is a local disk. The error message is (just

> cutting some of the output):

> ...

> sh: 1: ./hello-0059: Text file busy



That's an NFS error. You won't see it on a local filesystem; all
Unix/Linux filesystems can handle overwriting in-use files. But with NFS
things get much more complex. Your best bet is to check and adjust your
NFS mount options.

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