[Scons-users] Use of get_max_drift_csig and get_csig

Tom Tanner (BLOOMBERG/ LONDON) ttanner2 at bloomberg.net
Thu Aug 22 03:15:28 EDT 2013

I'd really like to replace get_max_drift_csig in Node/FS.py class File which is overcomplex for my purposes (I see there was a patch supplied which wasn't implemented as it wasn't backward compatible). But I can't see a way of easily doing it automatically without overriding the scons sources.

In our build we have two requirements:
1) the timestamp has changed in which case the MD5 needs recalculating
2) the file is of a sort where you can't trust the timestamp at all in which case the MD5 needs recalculating
otherwise you can assume the MD5 is the cached version.

At the moment there's no setting of max_drift which gets the first behaviour (edit 1) and there's no way of overriding max drift for an individual node (edit 2 - added a function to do that).

I thought I could get away with this by a lot of copy-pasta in my decider function (thanks Dirk, because that's allowed me to put a lot of needed behaviour in my code rather than hacking the main system) but get_max_drift_csig is called from 'visited' which I'm pretty sure isn't called from the decider and get_csig which is called from all over the place (and the fact it's an overriden function doesn't help me determine how much 'all' really is),

Any pointers on how to do this cleanly would be appreciated.
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