[Scons-users] custom builder for use with wine

Patrick.Wambacq at esat.kuleuven.be Patrick.Wambacq at esat.kuleuven.be
Tue Aug 20 05:24:01 EDT 2013

Hi Dirk,

thanks a lot, this works! I was nearly there with my own experiments but your solution works. I have tested it now with the crosscompiler and wine enabled and fixed a minor problem. I have attached the modified SConstruct file, in case anyone is interested. There is still an issue with wine. I get a message "Dynamic session lookup supported but failed: launchctl terminated abnormally without any error message" but nevertheless the build process successfully runs. This wine issue is probably totally unrelated to scons. The strange thing is that it appears on OSX but not on Linux.

Thanks again


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On 19 Aug 2013, at 20:36, Dirk B?chle wrote:

> Patrick,


> thanks a lot for your example. Hacking around a little, I found a solution that works (see attached file)...but doesn't look very pretty.

> The problem is that all custom defined tests get called as a CheckContext, which sort of wraps the actual SConfBase class.


> This is the reason why simply adding "TryWine" to "SConfBase" is not enough, you have to provide the delegate method for "CheckContext" too.


> Regards,


> Dirk



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