[Scons-users] Print all known commands (without executing them)?

Johan Holmberg johan556 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 15:32:35 EDT 2012


I wonder if it is possible to print all "commands" known by SCons,
without executing them? Say I have a SConstruct file like:

e = Environment(CFLAGS='-Wall')
e.Program('foobar', ['foo.c', 'bar.c'])

Then I would like to get a list like:

gcc -o bar.o -c -Wall bar.c
gcc -o foo.o -c -Wall foo.c
gcc -o foobar foo.o bar.o

I don't care about the order of the commands. Just a list of all
commands that SCons at some point might want to run (based on the
SConstruct read).

And I don't want to actually execute the commands. For a larger
project this might take a long time, and I would like to get the list

Is this possible?

/Johan Holmberg

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