[Scons-users] Copying and merging directories

Peter Steele pwsteele at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 20:30:05 EDT 2012

I have a Sconscript that looks this like:

FROM_DIR = "/mysrcdir/data"

TO_DIR = "/mydstdir"


env.Alias('copy', env.Command('copy', [], Copy(TO_DIR, FROM_DIR)))

This will fail if the directory /mydstdir already exists, which in my case
it definitely will exist. The copy operation is intended to copy additional
files into this target directory directory, merging the files copied from
/mysrcdir/data with the files already present in /mydstdir. Beyond writing
explicit Python code to do it, how can I get scons to not complain if the
destination already when a Copy operation is done?

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