[Scons-users] Custom builder

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Fri Sep 7 12:20:06 EDT 2012

Hi Bill,

On 07.09.2012 11:00, William Roberts wrote:

> I am having issues wrapping a custom builder in a custom class.


> Suppose I have the following SConstruct file that calls a SConscript file:


> #Miniat is my custom wrapper for building

> miniat = MiniatBuilder(rootdir, libdir, exedir, env, q)

> SConscript(script, variant_dir=q, duplicate=1, exports=[ 'miniat' ] )


> Then in the SConscript file, I do something like:


> f = miniat.flex('src/lex.yy.c', 'src/0x1_assembler.lex')

what exactly does MiniatBuilder::flex() look like? Is it calling

A simple but complete test case would be nice, such that I can try to reproduce the problem on my side.

Best regards,


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