[Scons-users] Scala-Support

Kenny, Jason L jason.l.kenny at intel.com
Mon Sep 3 17:47:30 EDT 2012

So what can handle it?

I read what you said... and it makes me think that nothing could handle this. One is always stuck always building all sources and hoping the compiler can deal with optimizing what is done, as there is not a way without compiling the sources in some way to get what it will output.

This suggests to me that a Java scanner would need to compile the source in some way and parse the out of something to return what depends on what. Or better set it seems that to do Java you need the emitter to do this, and cache the value based on the MD5 of the source file. So if the java file MD5 changed the emitter would have to re-"compile" the source files to see what it would output.


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