[kj] KJ new releases...

T.B. planetary at socal.rr.com
Fri Sep 13 23:24:04 EDT 2019

They are all legitimate releases and should be factory pressed CDs (and DVDs).  The Malicious Damage 2003 Live releases (which I highly recommend) just came out a couple weeks ago and while I bought them off the Townsend Music site and not Amazon, they are both factory pressed discs, not burned discs.  I think the deal is the band or their various distributors is just using Amazon as another outlet aside from the websites.


From: Gathering [mailto:gathering-bounces at misera.net] On Behalf Of Todd Zachritz

Anybody know if these upcoming KJ releases listed on amazon are real silver CDs or more cheap CDRs/DVDRs? 

Malicious Damage DVD
Malicious Damage 2CD
Laugh At Your Peril - Roundhouse 2CD
Live In Berlin 2018 CD

I would buy them if they were professionally-made discs. Sad that I have to ask that question with a band as legendary and influential as Killing Joke, but history says...

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