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Mon Sep 9 21:49:24 EDT 2019

That was a colossal mess.  Wasn't Jaz purposely staying out of touch with the band/management leading up to those dates forcing them to cancel?  That was the "Jaz is missing" news item. If I recall, the rest of the band had no problem with the shows, in fact Youth produced The Cult's most recent at the time album.  Of all the headline/support shows Killing Joke has been involved with over the years, that one would have probably been my favorite multi-act shows to see, excepting maybe the Killing Joke/Lords Of The New Church date(s) in the mid 80's.


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7 years ago Jaz pulled Killing Joke out of a show where they were due to play third string to The Cult and The Mission. It shows that they do have some sort of quality control and care about who they rub shoulders with.  

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