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The ticket prices are outrageous.  It would be keen if Killing Joke could
put some fans names on the "list" to get in gratis.


On the flip side, the attendees will be exposed to Killing Joke.  


During the 2001 Tool tour for the album Lateralus, King Crimson opened for
Tool in six cities, a total of 8 concerts.


It seems that Tool respects quality musicians/music such as King Crimson and
Killing Joke by having them open for them.  Having a not so good band open
for them would make them look better.  Could Tool be taking a chance they
would be outperformed musically?  


Very few people in the audience are familiar with Killing Joke and King
Crimson, and those who take in music on a serious level will have or had the
opportunity to experience their music.


>From 2001:


Just my two cents,









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I'm surprised you don't like them more, Alex - I hear Discipline-era King
Crimson all over their output, particularly their latest.







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Sorry, but ..... 



"Top selling band" -- this is meaningless. Sales are no indication of


"brilliant musicians" --- This is subjective.


"Gigs are in huge venues" -- Not a selling point.


"Worth the price" --  Strenuously debatable. 


I'm not going,

-Alex in NYC


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Tool is currently the top selling band in the US, they're brilliant
musicians, and the gigs are in huge venues. Of course it's worth the price.


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How do people feel about the joke opening for tool? And the US joke tickets
are usually $25 and now they are between 250 and 1500. I checked out tool
and they sound interesting but who is worth that kind of money?

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