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I don't have a problem with the band regularly releasing CDs, LPs etc documenting every tour despite every release containing half a set filled with the usual warhorse burnout tunes.  I can always chose to not buy the release - I'm happy there's a choice to begin with.  Most bands I follow are poorly represented with live tour documents, especially the last few years since live home videos are no longer a thing.

Which leads me to the new Astoria release.  Overall, I'm glad this is out, and it ranks as one of the best live Killing Joke releases, certainly blows away the 25th Gathering or the shabby Lokerse releases.  Geordie fans will love the audio mix - this is probably the best he's sounded on a live release just behind "HA!" and he's way up front.  Totally brings back how I remember the 2003 LA show where it seemed his tone was constantly teetering on feedback hum.  There's a few instances on the DVD that are amusing - at one point, someone throws a beer can at Jaz which Jaz picks up, menacingly looks into the audience and then bounces the empty can off his own head.  One thing that's a bit disappointing - the audio on the DVD is only 48k Dolby Digital stereo - no 5.1 mix and there's a noticeable dropout halfway through Communion.  The sole Extra is the extended trailer for this release.

Now dare I say, the band needs a live DVD document of the original lineup, hopefully focusing on a post-reunion setlist!


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Ha yes

I haven't bought the last couple of them. Doesn't do anything for me at this point hearing the (almost) same setlist.  I bought this purely for Raven and Mike Coles artwork (yes I know he's done most of them) and the it was NOT on Pledge.  So glad that's over with


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