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I also didn't vote for Trump - or Clinton.  I thought both were shitty candidates and I couldn't in clear conscious cast a vote for either candidate. The first time I've ever left the Presidential selection empty.  Not that it matters, living in California I think something like 90%+ voted for Clinton.  I am supremely pissed off at the Republican party for have a great opportunity to address the issues with ObamaCare and totally blowing the chance.  As far as I'm concerned, both parties can kiss my chocky starfish.

I think Trump's turned out be every bit as lousy (certainly stupid) a President as expected, but I also think some decent things have happened on his watch.  Joe Cosenza brought up a few things in his reply.  Nobody can argue the economy is humming along even despite the China trade war.  I think he's shined a light on the horrible immigration (legal and illegal) situation in this country regardless of how silly his argument for a "wall" comes off.  I live in Southern California, I see firsthand how unregulated illegal immigration from Mexico is a drain on local resources.  The funny thing is, the Obama administration was actually more draconian in deporting aliens and was also a proponent of "building a wall" but that got nowhere near the attention Trump gets on the issue.

One of the things I don't see discussed much pro or con in regards to Trump's tenure, is how he has perhaps inadvertently (just by the way he does things) exposed just how fucked up and impotent the Federal government has become.  I also don't get how a lot of people that have fixated on Trump to the point he seems to dominate their every waking moment.  Sure, hate the guy but seriously, with some people it's pathological.  It has crept into every online forum I traffic in no matter how non-political some of those forums may be.  The whole deal with Jussie Smollett is a microcosm of what I'm talking about.   I think some people are going to jump off bridges when the Mueller investigation (finally) wraps and calls for anything less than Trumps' crucifixion.

I'm old enough to vividly remember the days of Nixon and Carter... a lot of shit people complain about right now is first world problems compared to some of the nonsense back in the early to late 70's.  Like those goofs, we'll all get through the Trump era.  The thing to be aware of, as we've been seeing every election cycle things and candidates seem to swing farther and farther to the extreme right and left.  I would not be surprised if we get an ultra-progressive Liberal like an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is 180 degrees the flip side of Trump but equally stupid and potentially damaging to the country as POTUS within a decade.

Then again, the way our society is going, I wouldn't be surprised with Civil War and the US splitting up like the Soviet Union in the 90's in our lifetime.


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Hi Joe, 

Thanks for responding - interesting points.

One follow-up from me.  You say you didn't vote for him.  Did you vote at all (in the 2016 PE)?  And if so, who for (if you don't mind telling us)?  And crucially - why?



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