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*Uganda: Creative Asylum now a monthly event*
By Lucy Ilado 21 Feb 2019 - 10:21

The Creative Asylum conference will now take place every month, with the
first edition of 2019 planned for 23 February at The Square in Kampala,

[image: martinglover.jpg]
British producer Martin 'Youth' Glover will be at Creative Asylum on 23

“We started off as an underground annual meet-up for Ugandan creatives,”
Creative Asylum organiser Gabriel Mundaka told Music In Africa. “But as of
this year, it will be a monthly event with guests from across the continent
such as Kenya, Ghana and South Africa.”

The Creative Asylum platform was launched in 2014 to initiate an exchange
of ideas between Ugandan creatives with a focus on education, showcases,
networking and community development.

The first edition will feature Ugandan media production company Addmaya and
legendary UK musician and producer Martin 'Youth' Glover. Youth will also
play a DJ at the same venue.

“Addmaya will be sharing the history and experience in making films, music
videos, animation and TV commercials,” Mundaka said. “As for Glover, he
brings with him great knowledge in creativity and problem-solving because
at Asylum we are all about sharing knowledge to help other people be their

East African Records
<https://www.musicinafrica.net/directory/east-africa-records> founder David
Cecil urged DJs and producers to attend the conference.

“Glover will be giving tips on discovering, nurturing and exposing
extraordinary talent. It will be an informative session and the attendees
will learn a lot," Cecil said.

Considered as one of the most influential UK producers alive today, Glover
has produced artists such as Pink Floyd, Erasure and The Verve. He is the
bassist of British post-punk/new wave band Killing Joke and the co-founder
of The Fireman experimental project alongside Paul McCartney.

“I grew up in the '80s and '90s and so many of the songs that I used to
love in punk rock, electronic music and mainstream pop, Glover was behind
them,” Cecil said.

“He is a legend because he is behind so much good music of the last
half-century, but has not ever made himself into a celebrity. He just loves
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