[kj] KJ2003 Vinyl Impressions

T.B. planetary at socal.rr.com
Wed Feb 20 23:18:56 EST 2019

This proved to be a tough release to get my hands on but I finally imported a copy from a record store in Czechoslovakia.

The gatefold sleeve has a very subtle "crinkle" leather embossed effect which is kind of at odds with the bright yellow/orange color of the cover but it's a nice touch.  It's gold stamped individually numbered on the back (mines #424).  If you have seen the original CD release, you know the graphics are pretty basic and there's nothing new here.  The two records are basically yellow/orange vinyl with minor scattered darker orange/red coloring.  My first record had a bit of very minor warping but nothing to hinder playback.  Both albums were pretty clean but had a bit of rough, sharp edges to them.  The records are in a pair of glossy cardstock sleeves that created a tremendous amount of static when the albums were removed and require MoFi-style sleeves to better protect the records.

Sound-wise, there's clearly been a bit of subtle remastering for this release.  On some songs, especially Loose Cannon and Total Invasion, some of the background effects and vocals seem a little more pronounced or mixed differently than the CD.  It's not cut super hot so it's certainly crankable but I find the bass to be a bit lacking compared to the CD version. It's kind of annoying that side 1 and 4 are only two tracks apiece.

Considering what this release was originally mapped out to be, with several B-Sides on side 4 and Mike Coles' original album artwork to be used, this is a bit of a disappointment.  But as the lone Killing Joke album never released before on vinyl, it's nice to finally have it on the media.

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