[kj] Pledge Music in trouble?

Carlos Fandango stronkle at hotmail.co.uk
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I got this regarding my missing roundhouse CD

Apologies for the delay in reply,

The resend has been set up, however unfortunately due to the issues highlighted in the statement below we are currently not able to send any orders,

I will therefore have to get back to you once this has been shipped,

We can only apologise for these delays and thank you for your patience.
Best wishes,

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This is from the Sleeper Pledge, it’s err.. from a friend, or something, I’m not into err.. Anyway, this is what Sleeper say about the Pledgemusic situation, I’ve not heard anything about the other pledges I’m on, inc. the Killing Joke and Jaz ones.

7 FEBRUARY, 2019
*NEW PLEDGE UPDATE* Please read <https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/sleeper-new-album/updates/103421>

Hi everyone, we said we’d update as soon as we could regarding your orders. Our advice now is to cancel your order with Pledge and seek a full refund

There is no guarantee at this time that any of your pledges will ever be passed on to us. Pledge also owe money to the companies they use to ship orders. We have no confidence they can fulfil delivery at this point.

SO, Please try and cancel your order with Pledge

If you paid by credit card, you can also try claiming your payment back direct from your credit card provider.

IMPORTANT INFO We will be emailing each of you in the next few days with details of how you can re-buy the album from our store if you would still like to do that.

We want to make sure everyone who bought exclusive items: red vinyl, name in the CD credits, hand written lyrics etc can get them, so we will be sending EXCLUSIVE CODES to you by the weekend

AND We want to give ALL OF YOU something back for all the hassle, so look out for those emails.

We’re gutted this has happened. But we love this album. We’ve loved meeting you at gigs, talking to you on social media, and we’re hugely grateful for all your messages of support on here.

We’re determined to turn this back into a positive. It’s been 20 years coming. We’re not going to let this spoil things now. CDs and vinyl are in production and we are sticking to our release date of 22nd March.

Back with re-buy codes and a video message soon.
Much love, Sleeper. X

(N:B we understand refunding may take several attempts due to high volume – please keep trying!!)
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