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Jaz Coleman (Official)
3 hrs
Dearly beloved Gatherers, Church of Killing Joke and Global Hummers
I am currently taking a deep breath before we begin the European and
British tour in Hamburg this evening. One of the worst things about touring
is when you stop, suddenly the body seems prone to infections and one
appears to lose a lot of energy. If I am honest, prior to the American
tour, I was in a state of dread.
I think my views on American foreign policy are well-known, but the
funniest thing happened: the complete opposite of my expectations. For
example, I never thought I would hear myself say how much I wanted to
return to America, but that is exactly how I feel after what can only be
described as a victorious tour. Maybe it was because I’ve stopped listening
to radio, television and all forms of alternative and mainstream media,
simply because it makes me so fucking miserable.
And what a journey it’s been from Seattle to Lima, nothing short of
mind-blowing. So many wonderful people following us from gig to gig,
hundreds of stories about the power of Killing Joke’s music and how the
music has changed their lives. I met Gatherers who were force-fed Killing
Joke by their parents from an early age and came to love not just the
music, but the lifestyle Killing Joke advocates. I met so many people who
told me how the music got them through their lives and in excess of a dozen
individuals who told me the music prevented them from committing suicide.
In fact, everybody I met had a story to tell about this incredible music
that has been the soundtrack to all of our lives. And I saw surprise also,
surprise on Gatherers’ faces to discover I am a Gatherer too, standing
outside of the band and looking inwards. I tried to make it my personal
goal to meet and talk to as many Gatherers as I possibly could and I feel
so very deeply touched by the significance of our little band.
I loved life on the tour bus, American tour buses have higher ceilings and
larger bunks. At the back of the tour bus is the Bad Boys’ Room, for
smokers and drinkers only. It is also an incredible library, books such as
The War of Art (yes, that’s right, The War of Art), Slave Race of the
Anunnaki, The End of Peak Oil, the poems of Dylan Thomas and the Bhagavad
Gita are stacked up on the shelves (Geordie always liked a tidy back
The cupboards are full of vinyl that Youth collects from second-hand record
shops on a daily basis, along with other junk like statues of the Virgin
Mary and antler horns. On days off, I enjoy a premium cigar with the guys
(my last remaining pleasure. Because of the reflux problem I have and its
effect on my voice, tea, caffeine, mustard, chili, wheat, dairy and sugar
are all banned from my diet. Smoking anything that one inhales is a serious
Every morning, Geordie wakes up first and one is awoken by the faint aroma
of Dunhill International! I wake up next, join Geordie in the back lounge.
Big Paul is next to wake and starts his day eating healthy muesli and
making weird smoothies. Lastly, Youth awakes, saturnine and grumpy until
his first cup of tea and spliff, at which point his puckish nature returns.
The days off in America were normally in obscure towns which are more like
car parks surrounded by shopping malls. This is where I would find the
occasional cigar shop and hang out with some of the locals. We even stopped
in Dave Grohl’s home town and I met someone who claims to live in the house
he was brought up in.
There was a great vibe between band members (compared to some other tours!)
and everybody seemed to support each other, often going out shopping
together or eating at restaurants.

Preparing for a Killing Joke show is a spiritual experience. One feels like
a coiled spring all day, constantly asking crew how many more hours till
show time, measuring one’s energy levels at all times. And then we all come
together in a circle and… invoke that spirit that has sustained us through
the years. After this, I generally walk around alone and collect my

Most of the audience weren’t even born when we put our 10th record out, but
occasionally we would meet an old face from the past, from 1980 (like
Vivian Goldman in New York). I can’t remember one bad gig, they were all
takeover events.
One young lady in Dallas told me her father bought her ticket for her and
so wanted to come but was suffering from a virulent strain of cancer. So I
conveyed this to the audience and was delighted to see so many messages of
love and support for him left at the merch stand. This is our Gathering of
wonderful, loving human beings that after all these years I am so very
proud of.
As for Mexico City and the South American tour, nothing short of
mind-blowing. Hordes of Gatherers at the airport, outside the hotel 24/7,
astonished Gatherers watching these old punks greet everybody as they’re
lining up for the concert. Gigs of such intensity that there were people
crying in the audience.

Life on the road has become so utterly addictive that my thoughts are with
the late Paul Raven, who loved human beings with all their faults, like I
do. And as we approach the European tour, synchronicities are already
starting to occur. We play at Usine in Geneva, almost 11 years to the day
that we held Raven’s wake in the very same building. So at 6.45 on the 26th
October, we will hold a short memorial for Raven. Gatherers who knew Paul
personally will take precedence, other than this it will be first come,
first served and I expect everybody to bring one item that is stolen as an
The only home the late Paul Raven ever knew was the tour bus and I
empathise with this from my current standpoint. I have decided to leave
Prague and begin a nomadic lifestyle once again. Over the course of the
coming month, I look forward to meeting as many people as possible, sharing
information and stories.
Finally, I would like to thank my brothers in arms for this amazing
journey, and I would like to thank everyone who loves this wonderful band.
Jaz Coleman

PS: Are there any builders who would like to join me in Cythera to get some
cabins up this summer (i.e. European winter)? Please let me know.

PS2: I cannot put into words how I feel about the failure of the box set. I
was not consulted on the details of it (which isn’t surprising seeing as I
don’t take emails) and I only heard about the horrendous price during the
American tour. Clearly, it hadn’t been well thought out, rather like
Symphonic Killing Joke, where no preliminary budget was made. However, I am
happy to say the recording is out of this world and although it will arrive
late, Symphony Killing Joke (or Magna Invocatio, as I call it) will reach
everybody early in the new year (date TBC). Thanks to all the good people
at Pledge, the generosity of St Petersburg Philharmonic (and the Russian
Ministry of Culture), the love of the Lucis Trust, which has changed my
life, and finally and most significantly, this project was saved by the
hard work of Carla Potter.


Photos: Youth
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