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*From the ice-age to the dole-age There is but one concern I have just
discovered :*

*Some Big Macs are bigger than others Some Big Macs are bigger than
others Some Quarter Pounders are bigger than Other Big Macs*

Although I just can't see the Moz with a happy meal : )

Like it or loathe it, Fakebook like MySpace, was/is a great way for bands
to interact with fans. From small bands starting out to established bands
just wanting to advertise a gig or just share music. I understand your
analogy though and not having a pop at you, just raises an interesting
Is not the Killing Joke page official (run by management)? Seems to follow
the usual KJ online MO (remember www.killingjoke.com? ...lol) Very few
updates and when there is one, it's either inaccurate or past the date.
https://www.facebook.com/killingjokeofficial/ Each of the band except
Geordie, have a FB page too, BPF (happy birthday) and Youth's being most
used and run by themselves, I doubt Jaz runs his own ...lol
https://twitter.com/killingjokeband as far as I know official aswell.
The internet itself, some bands took advantage of it and used the medium to
great affect, Radiohead for example. Other bands seemed not to understand
it or want to put the time into it, Killing Joke for example : (
I know the band or any band for that matter is about the music and that's
cool, but the internet is here to stay and personally, I see it still in
the Punk attitude and the do it yourself ethos, everything from making to
producing to releasing and never was there a better time for it with the
tools available. I just wish more would use it and kick the likes of Sony
to the kerb. The industry had a chance to change, but did not want to till
it was on their terms. Going back as far as Napster, they fought it all the
way, as did some big bands, U2, Metallica, Bowie etc., but each of them
went on to use the internet to their advantage.
In conclusion, while I agree with your sentiments about Faecesbook, I'm not
and never have been a big fan of it myself, hence wanting to keep this
email list going as long as possible ..lol I just wish more would use the
internet in a way that benefits all, it's not that hard, but like with
anything I guess our human nature and apathy takes over and it's left to
corporate greed to manipulate it and the sheeple follow.


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> Good - if it were official it would be a bit like Morrissey singing for a
> Macdonalds ad
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>  It’s not
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>              Killing Joke have a
>  Facebook page? But why?
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