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I really liked the first few albums from Big Country.  IMO, the debut album
is a classic.  Saw them 3 times on their first couple US tours, all great
shows.  Frontman Stuart Adamson (who also previously fronted The Skids) was
a pretty impressive talent, especially on guitar.  They kind of lost their
way in the 90's and Adamson more or less disbanded Big Country in late 2000
and committed suicide not long after.  Around 8 years ago, the surviving
members reunited and brought on the frontman from The Alarm, Mike Peters on
to front the band for a few years.

Their drummer, Mark Brzezicki(sp?) was/is one of the best drummers from the
80's and he also played on most of The Cult's "Love" album and did a lot of
session work for other bands.  Same with bassist Tony Butler who's most
noticeable contribution outside Big Country was the instantly recognizable
base lines on the Pretenders songs "My City Was Gone" and "Back On The Chain
Gang" as well as Pete Townsends best solo album "Empty Glass."

For some reason, a lot of other UK bands did not like them.  I remember a
story about Brian James from The Damned/Lords Of The New Church playing
messed up versions of Big Country songs during soundchecks in 2002.


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Remember seeing BC on Channel 4's The Tube in the 80s when KJ were on there.

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Mind you, this has made me have a quick run-through of BC on youtube, and
I'm liking it better than I expected.  Thanks, Jaz!

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