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This is probably the interview I was thinking of from "The Quietus" (25th October 2010):

That this country can't change itself?

JC: Yeah, exactly. There are too many vested interests. I personally think that this country should NOT be in the European Union. Absolutely. I consider this [to be] part of the Atlantic empire. Until England decides... it's torn between European ideals and Atlantic interests at the moment. And it can't make its mind up. The other day in Paris there were three million people on the street. We had one million people saying we don't want to go to war here. There's another reason why I don't live here. The English always do things at the last minute when it's too late.

And yet, aren't Killing Joke a quintessentially English band?

JC: Absolutely.

So what is there, for someone bringing up kids in England, aware of these things, ashamed of some of our recent acts...

JC: Became more opinionated, more outspoken, and take a stand on what's right and wrong. If you want NATO and the Americans in this country, then let the people decide it. If you want to be in the European Union... the thing is, while I'm largely pro-European, the British people weren't asked whether they wanted to be part of it all. And I have a problem with that. And I don't think these islands are conducive to a European super state. So while I think it's good for mainland Europe, I don't think it's good for the United Kingdom. These are my personal feelings.

Look, France and Germany were the only countries that took a stance on the bullying of America on the weapons of mass destruction and the false invasion and a clearly illegal war. They said no; they were the only ones with the courage to do it. This whimpering little nation, what's become of us? I want to see Blair in the dock. If we can't try him, history must judge him.


The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | Dodge The ...<http://thequietus.com/articles/05154-killing-joke-interview-absolute-dissent>
Killing Joke are much beloved of the Quietus parish and there are two excellent interviews already hereabouts tracing the development of their latest album, Absolute Dissent, and the reinstatement of the original Mk1 line-up following the sad demise of bass player Raven a couple of years back.

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It's possible if they voiced too much if their opinion about him, that it might come back and cause problems with their entry into the US? I know New Model Army had the same type of problems on numerous tour attempts

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Interesting question --- and it's a subject, much like Trump, that Camp Killing Joke has been strangely quiet about. For a band who repeatedly informs its audience that it thrives in period of conflict, you'd think they'd have a lot to express at this stage of the proceedings.  Yet still ..... the only news we hear is progress on the symphonic front and petitions about the box set.

-Alex in NYC

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I remember reading somewhere (can't remember where - maybe an interview?) a few years ago that Jaz predicted that Britain would leave the European Union. KJ have expressed their belief in the European project over the years. Then of course there are the Joke songs "Europe" and "European Superstate". Do you think Brits will change their minds or go with the (very close - 52% Leave - 48% Remain) Referendum result?



Killing Joke - Europe<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy92Ypkpn6I>


Killing Joke - Europe<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy92Ypkpn6I>


Killing Joke - European Super State - live HD @Tivoli Utrecht, the Netherlands, 8 November 2016<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1uvjZuBPH8>
Kiling Joke play European Super State live in Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, the Netherlands on 8th November 2016. More Killing Joke on this Youtube channel. Subscribe ...

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