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Mon Dec 31 10:33:12 EST 2018

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*"Part 1 of a selection of some of the vinyl i collected and played
backstage on a small portable record player during the Killing Joke World
Tour 2018. These records were and are lifesavers at the right moment,
fairly random and spontaneously selected, as they were on tour. I hope you
enjoy them as much as we did. Close your eyes and smell the incense, spliff
and greasepaint. Imagine the scene and vibes backstage as the tension
mounts and the band psyche up for another live assault....A broad and
expansive soundtrack to our intense adventures while travelling across the

(2hrs 2mins)

*MP3:* Youth - Vinyl Backstage, KJ World Tour.mp3
<https://www18.zippyshare.com/v/WcZOjuX3/file.html> (68.7MB)

*Happy new year to you all from me : )*

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