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Tue Jun 13 08:54:19 EDT 2017

Nice to hear they can still conjure the magik.

Alex in NYC

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>Cracking gig
>Few issues at the start with timing cos of sound but a superb performance. Never seen Jaz so happy. Youth was like a puppy bouncing about. Big Paul pounded away like his life depended on it and that Geordie fella. Cool as fuck. 
>The tour keyboardist is Roi Cabernet. Does a good job. Looks like Alice Cooper's daughter!!
>Great set. Started with The Wait which can't be bad can it? Few tracks from Pylon. Has struggled with I am the Virus but what the hell. They played Sun goes Down! It fits in perfectly with the Pylon stuff. Encore was five or six tracks including SO36 so you can't really moan can you?
>Lovely to see a few gatherers, Mik, Anthony, Woody. Met a few new folk too. 
>Top night!
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