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Mon Jan 9 09:12:01 EST 2017

Hi Alex,
you just have to log on to pledge music. Then you'll see this nice update - that tells us that there'll be an update soon! So using a lot of words to not say very much.
"Hello everyone,We know it’s been a while since there’s been any communication on this campaign, and for that we apologise. Killing Joke’s touring schedule towards the end of 2016 took priority.However, that is all about to change. We had a great meeting with the team behind the Symphonic Killing Joke project last week and are happy to say that you can all expect an exciting announcement late this week or early next from Jaz regarding the next stage of this campaign and the plans of how it will progress.We all thank you for your patience and apologise again for the lack of recent updates.Thanks,
PledgeMusic, on behalf of Jaz Coleman"



    Alex Smith <vassifer at earthlink.net> schrieb am 15:04 Montag, 9.Januar 2017:

So, Pledge Music sent me (and, presumably, everyone else who signed up for it) an update on the seemingly long-dormant Symphonic Killing Joke project. I dutifully clicked through, curious to hear what the status is.

In true Killing Joke form, apparently I cannot see the full update unless I pre-order ... seemingly oblivious and/or regardless of the fact that the only reason I'm receiving an update to begin with is because I've *ALREADY* pre-ordered. 

I suppose I'll be going without that update, then.

-Alex in NYC

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