[kj] where to buy KJ vinyl?

T.B. planetary at socal.rr.com
Sat Feb 25 14:29:42 EST 2017

Well, much of their post-80's output on vinyl is out of print.  You can currently buy picture disc vinyl releases of their first 7 studio albums and Pylon is still fairly easy to find new.  What Records is probably the best source for newer KJ releases:


Honestly, I would look for vintage 1st pressings of their 80's and 90's albums.  They aren't that expensive and fairly easy to find in good to excellent condition.  I would also recommend the 2006-2007 double LP digitally re-mastered reissues of the first 7 albums with bonus tracks on colored vinyl but they now go for more than original first pressings which were analog recorded and mastered, at least through Night Time. 

The reissues of Extremities, Pandemonium and Democracy(the only time this album was released on vinyl, btw) from 2008 found on places like eBay and Discogs are also recommended but the last two are fairly pricey (as are original pressings) among collectors now.  KJ2003 has never been issued on vinyl.

Everything from Hosannas onwards can still be found with some digging new and sealed although especially Absolute Dissent goes for major dollars, usually at least $100+.  MMXII and Pylon can still be found close to original retail.  Probably the rarest, most expensive album to track down these days is the Youth Remix 3 LP set "In Dub" which goes for around $200 among collectors (it's a great sounding vinyl pressing, btw).

There is an active PledgeMusic project centered around a live album from a show late last year if you're don't mind waiting an unknown amount of time for your LP to show up in the mail.  This is probably the most direct way to funnel money into the KJ machine.



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25 years of enlightenment from these creatures and apart from seeing a dozen or so gigs, buying a few CDs and secondhand tapes, I haven't contributed as I should.

I am now ready to throw a few hundred quid on vinyl and I want to go to the right source that benefits KJ in the long term. Who do I buy from? 

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