[kj] where to buy KJ vinyl? and thereafter

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Thanks, but surprised - I thought there would be a more direct line. 
I asked because I believe in legacy and thereafter. I don't like the idea that everything goes onto a cloud and then the plug gets pulled.      
Predictions - Killing Joke in the 2040's when its current personnel might be elsewhere. What will it be? 

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There's no official shop or anything so best buying wherever you get best value. Juno records is good for new and you can get lots of stuff at discography and eBay of course. 
Happy hunting!!!
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25 years of enlightenment from these creatures and apart from seeing a dozen or so gigs, buying a few CDs and secondhand tapes, I haven't contributed as I should.
I am now ready to throw a few hundred quid on vinyl and I want to go to the right source that benefits KJ in the long term. Who do I buy from? 

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