[kj] Opinions: Trump and nuclear proliferation.

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That sounds about right.I'm not 100% convinced the Chinese leadership actually want a war with the US, although they do need a convenient bugbear. The PLA are always being gung-ho and threatening, but it rarely comes to anything.

Bannon is a certified moron. "China hates Christianity"? Seriously? China doesn't give a fuck about Christianity.


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 It's Trump's Machiavellian puppet master, Steve Bannon,
 that's got the hard-on for a war with China, although I
 believe the Chinese are equally enthused.
 Trump is a fucking catastrophe. 
 -Alex in NYC
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 >Hello people. Inspired by recent discussions concerning
 Trump, I thought I would raise an issue and present it to
 the hive mind for debate.
 >Trump has said that he thinks it would be a good idea if
 Japan and South Korea developed their own nuclear arsenal.
 This follows on from his statements that both countries
 should be paying more to the US for their joint defence
 >Japan did briefly (and secretly) consider developing a
 clandestine nuclear programme in the 1960s, but didn't
 proceed with it (a) because it might alienate the USA and
 compromise their commitment to defending Japan, and (b)
 because of the (unsurprising) overwhelming anti-nuclear
 sentiment in the country.
 >Obviously (a) doesn't apply to Trump and he doesn't care
 about (b), but I'm of the opinion that new two nuclear
 powers would do little more than make East Asia even more
 unstable than it is already. Japanese and South Korean
 nuclear weapons would only harm the frankly poor
 relationship those two countries have with China and North
 Korea, not to mention the fact that those nations would both
 view it as an aggressive move by the USA.
 >Putin is already expanding his arsenal and I've no doubt
 Trump will do too. The only way I can see that a nuclear
 Japan and South Korea actually benefits Trump is if he
 envisages a military showdown with China or North Korea. Am
 I missing something here, is that what he's going for?
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