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Killing Joke Live... Scala, Kings Cross

On the *12th of June* we're hosting a quite intimate Gathering in Kings
Cross. We'll be at Scala for another round with you. Tickets available now
from HERE

It's our first London show since our sold out Brixton Academy performance,
but this time it's a lot more up close and personal. We know we'll see you
there, along with special guests Yonaka
and BlackWaters
London friends, we'd also like to remind you of a *very* special evening
with Jaz coming up...

Date: 15th July 2017
Venue: Cecil Sharpe House, London

The program will include Jaz conducting a Chamber Orchestra taking in
pieces from across his orchestral career from Songs from the Victorious
City through his Symphonic Rock era including a piece from the unreleased
Nirvana symphony through to a preview of KJ Symphonic and other original

The evening will feature a very special guest violinist to be announced
shortly and will be interspersed with Jaz’s thoughts on the Universe and
Beyond and key themes from his upcoming book.

This forms part of Jaz's ongoing new Symphonic Killing Joke project: The
Great Invocation, which you can also explore and sign up to when ordering

Your PledgeMusic order receipt (either printed out or on your smartphone)
will serve as an e-ticket for this event. All prices include 10% booking
fee. No refunds are provided on tickets.

Alternatively, you can buy tickets directly from the venue here

London friends, Gatherers,

As always our utmost thanks for your continued support. It means the world
to us that we can release music, make the records we want, and do the shows
we feel are right backed by all of you. We're lucky enough to be able to be
Killing Joke supported almost entirely by Gatherers and not labels.

With all our love and respect.

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