[kj] (OT) Ian McCulloch strangeness

Rob Moss rob.moss at gmx.com
Wed Apr 19 08:37:22 EDT 2017

McCulloch is a pussy

I'm just about to leave for China and Japan!

Bring it on!!!

> On 19 Apr 2017, at 12:19, Jim Harper via Gathering <gathering at misera.net> wrote:
> I understand that the 'threat' of war between the US and North Korea has risen so sharply that Ian McCulloch felt the need to suddenly abandon a Japanese gig and fly home, without notifying management or the show's organizers.
> Given that Jaz once stated that KJ2003 (I think) would be recorded in conflict zones and international trouble spots, perhaps Killing Joke should step in to fill the gap. Either that, or we can set up some kind of hotline set up so that whenever McCulloch feels like dodging his responsibilities because there might conceivably be a war at some point in the future, somewhere within several hundred miles, he can be reminded that it might have been mildly amusing in 1982 but now looks remarkably like selfish posturing.
> Thoughts?
> Jim.
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