[kj] G7

Paul Rangecroft paul.rangecroft at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 15:43:48 EDT 2017

No, he wasn't. It was a good day though, I enjoyed it - apart from
being ripped off by the ODIC geezer, which in hindsight was incredibly
gullible of me. Jaz was great on the piano. I had to laugh though when
he said something like "We can of course, if we choose, smash the
clock up..." then intended to demonstrate this by smashing a
wristwatch but could only say "Actually, I smash it yesterday!"

On 4/6/17, adrianwason at btinternet.com <adrianwason at btinternet.com> wrote:
> Apologies Paul, I sent my post to you not the Gathering.
> Patricia Morrisson was the other member or Gothopotomaus as Raven called
> her!.
> I really loved the tape and thought it was very different from anything else
> I've heard and that still stands to this day apart from some unpublished
> bands I've heard.
> Considering this is 25 years ago I remember it sounding very Eastern and the
> tracks were slow.
> I used to send out a yearly reminder on the gathering but have lost hope
> now...
> I was at the first day lecture and Jaz said that Geordie was turning up the
> next day..Did he?
> It was quite a memorable day as Jaz appeared to drink a large bottle of
> spirits during the talk and then went to make a dramatic exit and the door
> jammed!

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