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awesome, thanks for that :)

"due to a lack of trained trumpeters, the end of the world has been postponed indefinitely..."

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I was reading this on the cookd and boomd forum


Somebody says:


That was the 26th of September 1980, the second date of  a short US tour where they played some of the east coast venues they were booked to play on the Joy Division US tour that summer (Ian killed himself the day before they were due to leave). Hurrah's in New York would have been their first date - 21st-23rd of May. It was also the penultimate gig they played as a 3 piece, and they were using rented or hastily-purchased gear as their tour van was stolen overnight.

According to people who were there, they opened with 'In A Lonely Place' with the stage in darkness apart from a single purple spotlight illuminating an empty mic stand in the centre of the stage. At this point they hadn't settled on Bernard as the singer and were still taking it in turns to sing, so Stephen sang lead vocals on a couple of songs (you can see he has a mic in front of him).

The gig was filmed by Hurrah's resident VJ and a few years ago she put a few clips up on Youtube but took all but one down.
She said he was going to release it on DVD but its never surfaced."

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I thought  this might be of interest to some here...

1980 schedule for upcoming acts at Duffy's in Minneapolis, including a May 29 performance by Joy Division. As we all know, Ian Curtis committed suicide on May 18, the day before band were to depart for the US. And the rest is post-punk history.

Duffy's was also the venue for Killing Joke's first MN appearance in 1981.

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