[kj] Something very exciting

T.B. planetary at socal.rr.com
Sat Nov 26 11:44:57 EST 2016

It would be cool if they put out some HiRes DVD-Audio or SACD type releases of key albums.  Again to beat that ol' dead horse, the only thing I'd be really happy to see is the 2003 album on vinyl but I think that one is forever tied up in legal limbo to Zuma/Epic Records.

BTW, do they still have a record contract with Spinefarm or did they fulfil it with the 3 studio albums?


From: Gathering [mailto:gathering-bounces at misera.net] On Behalf Of Rob Moss

Don't get too excited. 

It'll be the reissues that I have been helping on. There are some formats new to KJ but I'll leave that for them to announce. 

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