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T.B. planetary at socal.rr.com
Wed Nov 9 17:37:35 EST 2016

I didn't vote for (and strongly dislike) Trump but I can sure understand why he won and it had a lot more to do with most voters than racism, sexism, etc.  

Like in past election cycles, there's a big segment of the American population that feels left out economically, politically and socially.  Instead of African Americans, this time it's average middle/lower class white people. Health care is through the roof for most people making ends meet despite the AHC act, jobs and wages are stagnant, manufacturing is outsourced to other countries, we're still mired in Middle East bullshit ... and on and on.  Angry voters don't vote for the status quo.  Hillary Clinton was absolutely the worst choice as the Democratic pick - a combination of entitled arrogance and corruption that alienated far too many voters in what should have been a slam dunk election.  She won the obvious big Liberal strongholds like CA, NY and IL but she couldn't carry most of the other states her team thought were in the bag.

Critical points to note:  First the first time in decades, we have a single party White House, Senate and Congress.  There is now no reason for shit to get done.  The downside, at the very least the AHC act may be in jeopardy and it's likely Trump and Co will pick more than one new (Right-leaning) Supreme Court Justice in the next four years tipping the scales towards the Right.  Abortion rights may be challenged in the near future.

I don't feel like the world is ending and there's enough checks and balances in the system to keep a guy like Trump from doing something insanely stupid.  He gets 4 years.  If he's a fuck up, Democrats better have someone worthy to kick his ass in 2020.

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I realize there are some sharp differences of opinion here on the Gathering, but as someone who fucking LIVES here, let me just say that I am incalculably ashamed to be an American today. 

Regardless of your stance on policy -- not that Trump ever actually discussed any tangible policies -- how anyone could spend five minutes listening to that fatuous bag of excitement attempt to string coherent sentence together and think: "yes, that man should hold the most powerful office in the so-called Free World" is FUCKING STAGGERINGLY BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION.

If you think he's a champion for the unsung ---> You are FUCKING FOOLING yourselves. He DOES NOT CARE about you, and that will doubtlessly become obvious in short, catastrophic order.

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