[kj] Zilch 3.2.1

Jim Harper jimharper666 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 24 07:00:28 EDT 2016

I already have a copy, but in my opinion it's definitely worth a few quid. Although IIRC the Gatherers do not share my love for the album!

If you put it on ebay, highlight the connection to Hide (the singer and guitarist). In Japan he's considered one of the greats and memorials are still held every year in his honour. There are a few tracks that were later reworked into Japanese versions (Inside the Pervert Mound, Doubt and Pose) and What's Up Mr Jones? is a version of a track Hide wrote for his old band, X or X-Japan called Drain.

Trivia note: the cover of Swampsnake was Raven's idea. And Ray McVeigh's an asshole for trying to squeeze more money out of Hide's corpse. Raven wanted no part of that.


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 Subject: [kj] Zilch 3.2.1
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 Date: Tuesday, 24 May, 2016, 11:43
 Do we think the Zilch 3.2.1 CD featuring Raven on bass
 and contributions from Jaz and Geordie is worth a few quid?
 I've got a mint spare copy going which I'm
 going to stick on ebay but with the KJ connection I'd
 thought I'd give you lot first dibs with any reasonable
 It's a very nicely packaged item. Photos can
 be provided.
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