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As I said, I was referring to the fact that racists, Nazis and American imperialist (Wilders, Le Pen and Trump, all mentioned in the preceding email) are using the result of this referendum as evidence of widespread popular support for their unpleasant ideologies.

At no point I did not make comparisons between the British pro-Exit campaign and Nazi ideology.


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 #yiv9793645090 #yiv9793645090 -- P
 I do think that you are getting a bit carried away
 there, Jim .
 Nazi ideology and the UK choosing to be governed by
 itself , rather than be governed by Brussels.
 I cannot see the connection, myself
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 And you
 can guarantee all those assholes (Trump, Le Pen) will now
 use Britain was a prime example of support for their
 My country, turned into a poster child for racists, Nazis
 and imperialist Americans. Absolutely sickened.
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  Gutted.  Leaving the EU is going to
  sign our economic death warrant.  The future
  look very bright for the younger generation...
  Look at the people who are pleased:
  and abroad:
  Marine Le Pen
  Geert Wilders
  ...which just about says it all.
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  Needless to say,
  the lies will just keep on coming out.  Farage's
  response to being called on the NHS one though, is
  particularly disgusting.  At best, it shows him up for
  complete numpty he is.  If Leave can make a
  "mistake" in regards to £350m to the NHS and
  just try to brush it off, it doesn't bode well for
  campaign pledges.  Not to mention that being so
  suggests they think folks heads button up the back.
  No big surprise about misleading the electorate though
  especially after the Scottish independence
  "It's disingenuous to say that No means out
  and Yes means in, when actually the opposite is true.
  means we stay in, we are a member of the European
  - Ruth Davidson MSP, 2nd September 2014, at the STV
  debate in the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh 
  "What is process for removing our EU
  citizenship?  Voting yes.  #scotdecides"
  - Better Together @UK_Together, 2nd September
  So that panned out well for the people in Scotland who
  voted No to Scottish independence primarily, or solely,
  because they believed it was the only way to remain in
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  Yup. Cameron has been a disgrace. You don't want
  lose your house, you don't throw your door key into
  pot. All for the sake of his career and another 4 years
  the top. "I love this country" he said as he
  leapt from the ship.
   and blatant lies from the Leave campaign are equally
  disgusting. I know several people who voted leave,
  based on the NHS £350m pledge that turned out to be a
  'mistake' the very day the result was
  Deliberately misleading the electorate should be
  by law and surely nullifies a proportion of the vote..
  I  think the result was a surprise to all sides, and
  if it was held again tomorrow, I think it'd
  probably be a very different outcome.
  Anyway, onwards....
  On Sunday, 26 June 2016, Rob Moss
 <rob.moss at gmx.com>
  Brexit was a disaster. Cameron traded our future for
  right wing vote at the general election and then he ran
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