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Sun Jun 26 05:07:48 EDT 2016

Yup. Cameron has been a disgrace. You don't want to lose your house, you
don't throw your door key into the pot. All for the sake of his career
and another 4 years at the top. "I love this country" he said as he leapt
from the ship.
 and blatant lies from the Leave campaign are equally disgusting. I know
several people who voted leave, purely based on the NHS £350m pledge that
turned out to be a 'mistake' the very day the result was declared.
Deliberately misleading the electorate should be punishable by law and
surely nullifies a proportion of the vote..
I  think the result was a surprise to all sides, and if it was held again
tomorrow, I think it'd probably be a very different outcome.

Anyway, onwards....

On Sunday, 26 June 2016, Rob Moss <rob.moss at gmx.com> wrote:

> Brexit was a disaster. Cameron traded our future for the right wing vote
> at the general election and then he ran away.
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