[kj] Joke + Lords of the New Church

Jim Harper jimharper666 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 10 06:13:40 EDT 2016

Afternoon people!

It's a few decades too late, but I've recently discovered that the Lords of the New Church were actually rather good. Not entirely surprised to discover that there are a few connections between the Lords and KJ. They're both on the Weird Science soundtrack, for example.

Yesterday I read an interview with Brian James that mentions the Lords doing a tour of France with Killing Joke in the mid-80s. The Lords were trying out a two-guitar line-up. Does anyone have any further details on this tour? Dates, places, etc? Was it a two-headliner tour, and if not, who was support?

Does anyone know of any further connection between the two bands?

Help much appreciated!


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