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T.B. planetary at socal.rr.com
Mon Jun 6 16:46:48 EDT 2016

I assume these reissues are for the first 5 EG/Virgin albums?   Speaking
only for myself, remixes aren't really a selling point when it comes to
bonus tracks on an album.  Previously unreleased tracks, demos and live
tracks are much more appealing.

To be honest, it's going to be a pretty hard sell as the '07
reissue/remasters pretty much covered all bases as far as bonus tracks and
actually were sonically sound reissues without serious brickwalling, etc.
Add to that those reissues are still easy to come by new. 

Honestly, the only way to make money off those albums at this point is
offering HiRez downloads through sites like HDTracks, Pono, etc and/or
quality black vinyl pressings of the original albums, preferably analogue
cutting straight from the master tapes which is a pretty expensive
proposition.  Then there's the fact that Night Time, arguably the bands
biggest commercial album, was just issued again on vinyl by Music On Vinyl
and doesn't seem to be selling very well.

IMO, if the band is going to look at generating money from old albums, they
should reissue the 2003 self titled album as a expanded deluxe 2 cd with the
3 bonus tracks and Geordie's demos as well as finally getting it out on
vinyl.  I think especially a quality vinyl release properly mastered for
that format would do very well for the band.  It would tie in nicely with
the upcoming Death And Resurrection Show dvd doc release as well.


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As some might know, I've been helping a label do some reissue work and have
been lucky enough to have some listening tracks for extras after being given
access to the archive list

Now. Don't get excited. They have used everything except an OTG out-take
which is awful and OTG isn't being done anyway. 

But. A genuine question. I have 5 "new" wardance mixes. Again. Don't  get
excited as they all sound similar. But how desperate is the world for
another wardance version on a re-issue? 

And sorry, I would have Jaz and Geordie burn my house down if I shared


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