[kj] Re-issues

Andreas Misera andreasmisera at yahoo.de
Mon Jun 6 14:44:36 EDT 2016

If the remixes are really good (and at least a bit creative/new), I'd spend money for them. Would prefer remixes of tracks that haven't been remixed 1000 times already though.

Of course, I'd happily do a remix as well. ;-)


> Am 06.06.2016 um 20:30 schrieb Rob Moss <rob.moss at gmx.com>:
> As some might know, I've been helping a label do some reissue work and have been lucky enough to have some listening tracks for extras after being given access to the archive list
> Now. Don't get excited. They have used everything except an OTG out-take which is awful and OTG isn't being done anyway. 
> But. A genuine question. I have 5 "new" wardance mixes. Again. Don't  get excited as they all sound similar. But how desperate is the world for another wardance version on a re-issue? 
> And sorry, I would have Jaz and Geordie burn my house down if I shared them!!!
> Thanks. 
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